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Friday, June 03, 2005

New Blog Design Coming

Sorry I’ve been so remiss with my postings. The thing is that I have been spending many nights up until 2am working on the design for my new blog.

I am going to move the blog to and just turn the website that’s there now into a blog. Most of what I write is just like a blog post anyway, and since I don’t have any kind of content management system running my site, it tends to become just this huge conglomeration of pages.

Plus, I never went back and changed the design of all the old pages, so I have a homepage that looks one way and anything you click on takes you to all the old pages that have the original design that I made in 2001 when I was just starting to learn HTML.

I am fairly proud of myself for leeching off of the brilliant work of others while creating my new site. I did a few PHP tutorials to get a feeling for how that stuff worked, and some CSS tutorials so I could fool around with the design, and the result can be seen at

Let me know what you think. A few more weeks and the entire Mochasteak site will look like that.


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