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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Frisbee UFO-Style

So I'm on UFO 2. The second of four frisbee teams that Utrecht fields. We actually play under the name UFO 3 due to a naming mishap at the Nederland Frisbee Bond, the bureaucratic organization that organizes frisbee in the Netherlands (you simply cannot escape the bureaucracy in this country).

Last weekend was our first outdoor competition day (pictures). We played two games and lost them both, but I have to say, for being out of shape and not having thrown a disc in two months, I think I did alright.

As you can see from the picture, the competition in Frisbee is tough because the average height of the dutch male is 6'2", no joke.

Now, in this picture it may LOOK like I have the vertical leaping ability of a potted plant, but the truth is, this was a good pass to the other guy, it was in the endzone, still early in the game (when it was fairly close), and believe it or not, I blocked this.


We still lost 17-5, so it doesn't really matter that they didn't get this particular goal. But I still felt like the man. Until the tall dude warned me about being more careful with my arms as we were walking back (ultimate is a no contact sport). I couldn't believe this tall guy was serious, but "no contact" in the Netherlands is different from "no contact" in the states.

Hey, I'm from Jersey right?

Much love to my homeys back at Mercer County Ultimate.


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