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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bearded Brian

So while I was on the 2nd Annual Guys Snowboarding Trip I decided to see what it would look like if I grew a beard. While my swarthy half-Turkish genes were certainly up to the task, there's just so much facial hair you can grow in 9 days.

I came back and was greeted by my wife with three reactions:

1. "Ow. It prickles. Get off."
2. "You look like Mark. I feel like I'm kissing your brother. Ew."
3. "It makes your lip look funny. Go shave."

How about a little reaction on the "Comments" on this one, eh folks? What do you think of the manly facial hair. Sure it may look like a George-Michael-before-he-admitted-he-was-a-queer wanna-be right now, but try and see past that and recognize the sheer exotic sensuality of a Brian covered in facial hair.

Come on. You know you love it. SAY IT. SAY YOU LOVE IT!


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