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Sunday, February 06, 2005

pre-Superbowl Jitters

So I’m trying to occupy the time until Superbowl XXXIX. Four hours to go. It will be 12:30am here when I start watching, but I started conditioning myself to watch the whole thing by staying up last night until 3am watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. As much as I appreciate brilliant filmmaking, that movie is pretty damn dull. And weird. Actually, I think most Stanley Kubrick movies are like that. Dull, weird, masterpieces.

I am so psyched that my Eagles are finally in the Big Game. Twenty four years baby. I really shouldn’t front though, I’ve only been an Eagles fan since I moved there in 1999. In a strange twist of fate, my father, who lives in a town about an hour south of Jacksonville, has a ticket to see the game. I guess by the time you are 71 you should have a broad enough network that there is SOMEONE who can get you into the Superbowl, but I still view it as a pretty major accomplishment. I know he does too. Keep an eye out for him: section 104. I told him the best way for me to see him will be for him to jump the barrier and streak across the field. Keep your eyes peeled.

The Superbowl also marks the final opportunity for me to tie up my fantasy football duel with Guze. He’s up by one win. Drafting a fantasy football team when you only have two teams to pick players from shouldn’t be so hard, but I found a way to screw it up by letting him have BOTH starting runningbacks because he had the first pick (Corey Dillon) and I wanted to make sure I got Brady (which was a mistake, the difference between the QBs shouldn’t be THAT great), which meant that Guze took Westbrook for his second pick and now I can’t get a single rushing yard. Extremely poor draft strategy, but whatever.

The Superbowl will be broadcast on SBS6, the cable sports channel in the Netherlands. I will have to watch it in Dutch, with Dutch commentators. I am thinking about turning on my internet radio on really loud (it’s downstairs in the computer room), but that might interfere with my wife’s sleeping.

I don’t know what she’s thinking. My weeping if the Eagles lose (which they are predicted to by 6.5 points I think) will achieve the same effect.

Being out of the country for the entire NFL season sucked. I “watched” the play by play on and listened to the Eagles radio show via the internet, but it still sucked. They have an NFL expansion league here, but it has only 6 teams I think. Probably will fold in a year or two, especially with all the anti-Americanism in the air these days.

Speaking of which, I had a bizarre argument with a Russian woman who is in my MBA class at lunch yesterday. Unsurprisingly, she was no fan of American foreign policy, but she got really worked up (which always just makes me get worked up) and we had a bit of an argument about whether more people were killed by Saddam or the US and which was the lesser of two evils. Hard to argue with a woman who thinks that Putin is God and who freely admits that she supported Milosevic. I remember thinking that she probably was really disappointed the poison didn’t work on Yeschenko in the Ukraine. But then I started to get a little freaked out, because I had this amazingly vivid image of HER being the one slipping the poison into his food, which made me subtly slide my plate a little further out of her reach.

Hey, the girl is nuts.

I’ll write a little more about the MBA program later, right now I am going to switch time-wasting tactics and play computer games for a little bit.


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