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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Gift from the Royal Dutch Post

Ann, as usual, prepared this years Christmas cards. She is always very good about keeping track of everyone's address and sending them each a hand-written Christmas card.

However, since this is a very industrial process involving a long assembly line of card writing, postage stamping, envelope licking and trying to get her husband to just sign his damn name, it's understandable that the odd exception might get through.

The day after we mailed the entire load Ann calls me up and says, "Brian, did you notice if the card to Dan and Chizuko in Japan had postage on it."

"I don't even remember what color they were Ann."

So, Ann, master of detail that she is, followed up with Dan and Chizuko with an email informing them that they may not be receiving a card this year, but that did not mean that we were in any way displeased with their work as our friends.

Dan and Chizuko, coming back from a vacation in Phuket (where they missed the tsunamis by one week!), saw the email, and sent us this.

Looks like both the Dutch and Japanese mail systems decided to give us a Christmas gift this year. Not only did the card get there with no postage... it only took about 7 days.


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